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Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is popular for its white sand, blue sea, green moutains, paddy fields & rivulets. It has a 3km stretch of beach tucked in between two rocky hillrocks. Kashid beach is considered to be one of the cleanest beaches in Konkan region. It is 160km from Mumbai and 170km. from Pune

Nearest Places to Visit :

Revdanda Beach

The Revdanda is 17 km away from Alibag and 125 km away from Mumbai. The other attraction nearby to this fort is VikramVinayak (Birla Mandir) at Salav&Korlai Fort – Lighthouse.

The Revdanda fort also witnesses beautiful Ganesh temple built by Birla’s at Salav. The temple is lightened at night and it is the worth seeing for the tourist visiting this area as theywill get the feeling of seeing a temple dressed in beauty of colors. The temple is just 4km from the end of Revdanda / SalavBridge and visitors can get easily to the destination.The other location that must be visited bythe guests is the Korlai Fort & light house that is on the kashid side of the bridge. The sea can be viewed from the front side of the bridge, which makes the visit fascinating for the guests.

The Revdanda beach is very isolatedin this region but its beauty can make one to visit it again and again as the beach has black sand which gives it a unique look. The beach acts as a relaxing point for the local people as it provides calm and peace to them after the heavy hardship of the day. The diet mainly consist of fish curry and rice among the local as the Revdanda lies in the coastal region and fish here can be obtained easily.

Revdanda Beach Fort: Recently the fort is in ruined condition,but it is a remnant of the Portuguese rule that ruled over India for few years. Many of the Portuguese Forts are in ruined or devastated state and they are run over by the betel nut plantation. A relic past,now converted to a seven-story tower pushes its windswept and has shrubbery enclosed head over slim stem palm tree where the betel nut fruit grows. Though the fort is ruined it provides a pretty sight of water flanked it by all the three sides.

The beach fort is situated some 14 km away from the kashid beach. The fort comprises of seven-storytower and fortified walls that are bordered by sea. Tourist can make their visit memorable by walking over the walls of the fort and they can witness the Korlai fort from the distance and also view the turquoise water of the Arabian Sea.


Birla Temple - Revdanda

Built by Grasim group near Vikram Ispat factory. This is a Ganesh temple of very modern architecture in white marble, situated on a small hill ( 130 easy steps ). This is a place visited by tourists from all around. The entire hill is a temple complex with beautiful gardens & fountains all around.

Visit this temple in the evening and enjoy the whole complex in floodlights. Temple is closed between 11 AM to 4 PM. Camera is not allowed.

Lord Datta Temple - Chaul

Historical Dattatraya temple on hill in Chaul village. Has about 750 properly built steps. Can be approached from Hingulja devi mandir side. Hingulja devi temple is on a smaller hill and has 120 steps. From hingulja devi there is mountain path leading to Datta mandir. This is much simpler than climbing 750 steps of Datta mandir mountain. Take road via Hingulja devi for going to Datta mandir and come down by steps. This will be about 4 hours outing and reasonably strenuous.

A five days Yatra ( fair ) starting from Datta Jayanti day is a very important event for locals and for surrounding villages. The season during the period is very pleasant. The whole atmosphere is charged with yatra fever. This is some event every city dweller must visit once in a life time and enjoy the Yatra feel.


Siddhi Vinayak Temple - Nandgaon

A very famous Ganesh temple in Nandgaon - on way to Murud - is surrounded by lush green coconut and supari plantations .


Phansad Bird Sanctuary & Dam

This is an earthen dam situated in the thick forest. Excellent spot for day picnic in all seasons, however more exciting during monsoon. Ideal place for forest lovers. Do visit Kajuwadi village to get a real village feel.


Janjira Fort - Murud

Murud is a typical konkan town mixing rural & urban facilities. Being a capital city of Nabab, Murud has a number of historical heritages. It has a small but beautiful beach.

Janjira Fort ( via Rajpuri )

4 KM from Murud - Janjira ( surrounded by water ) Fort is a unique historical place. Sail boats ply between Rajpuri village and Janjira. Journey by sail boat and grandeur of the fort are quite exciting.


Nawabs Palace - Murud

Murud was the capital of former Janjira state, a Siddhi domain which had a chequered existence for over four centuries till it was merged with the Indian Union in 1948.

There is a steady stream of tourists all through the year to this charming place blessed with a beautiful seashore and lush greenery.

At the entrance of the town, atop a small hill, stands the palace of the former Nawab of Janjira.

This building has some distinct features of Moghul architecture with a touch of the Gothic. The coat of arms of the Siddhis mounted on the main gate, featuring the maritime prowess of the Siddhis, would not fail to attract your attention as you pass along this road. The palace is not open to public being the private property of the heirs of the Siddhis.